Kent Wellington

I appeared before “Judge Steinberg” and litigated cases against Bob Steinberg as an attorney. I found him to be skilled at pushing cases toward a resolution. His experience on the bench and in private practice makes him well suited to mediate a variety of different cases. He’s also got the temperament, persistence, and credibility to be an effective mediator.

Walter E. Haggerty, Partner, Frost Brown Todd, LLC, regional law firm

I am a lawyer with over 33 years of trial experience. I have known Mr. Steinberg for many years starting with when he was the Federal Magistrate in Cincinnati. I have worked against him in several cases since his departure from the Federal bench. Mr. Steinberg is a fierce proponent of his clients’ causes. He leaves no stone unturned on behalf of his clients. He has also served as a mediator with great success over the years and I have no doubt will continue to do so in the future.

Norma Rashid

Bob Steinberg is an asset to the legal profession. I have had the pleasure to know and work with Bob throughout his many years as an attorney, judge, and mediator. He is unparalleled in the legal industry as far as experience, knowledge and compassion. Bob is diligent and thorough in his efforts to obtain the best possible results for his clients. In my experience he has proven to be not only ethically uncompromising but also personally empathetic to the issues at hand.

Therefore, it is without hesitation I recommend Attorney Robert Steinberg.

Patricia Scherer

Bob Steinberg represented me in an age-related employment law suit. Mr. Steinberg is an extremely ethical, exact and professional lawyer. He is also caring and sincere. Mr. Steinberg successfully pursued my situation to a very satisfactory completion. He was always available to answer any questions and was very helpful, not to mention the most thorough attorney I have known. My case was competently settled in a reasonable time period. I can not find the words to thank him for his services.

Karen Ashe

Bob Steinberg is a consummately professional lawyer. His knowledge of employment law and advice were spot-on for my situation. He explained issues to me on my level, with the utmost compassion. Options presented were well thought out and reflective of his vast experience. I highly recommend Bob Steinberg’s legal services.

Derek Beasley

Bob Steinberg has been my attorney on several occasions. Each experience was always handled with professionalism and precision. His experience, attention to detail and thorough communication are unparalleled. Any explanations he gave were comprehensible, giving me a level of confidence and reassurance in our case that few could achieve. I highly recommend his services.

Marilyn Blake

You know you have been wrongfully injured. The thought of entering into a business litigation is an extremely stressful and emotional situation. I knew I needed legal help. My investigation led me to Bob Steinberg. He carefully evaluated the details of the situation before entering into litigation with adifficult opponent. He was very caring, professional and detailed in handling my case, which was resolved and settled. (From this experience, I learned that David can still slay Goliath.) I have in the past and will continue to recommend his services to others.

Paul Tobias

Bob Steinberg is an excellent mediator, one of the best in our community. He gets cases settled by the force of his personality, experience and insights into the settlement process. A former U.S. Magistrate and former litigator, he has the necessary experience to form persuasive opinions and guidance helpful to the mediation process.

Robert Klingler

Bob has done a great job mediating cases I have been involved in. He is thorough and proactive and gets the cases settled. I have retained him more than once. Top qualities:

  • Great Results
  • Expert

David Montgomery

Bob has successfully mediated some of my most difficult and contentious employment cases. He is persistent, creative and extremely effective as a mediator.