Josh Arnett – Automobile Mechanic, Cincinnati, OH area

Bob Steinberg represented me in a personal injury case during 2013 and 2014, which he promptly settled after I finished medical treatment. Mr. Steinberg has excellent communication skills. In addition, he is extremely organized and computer literate. At all times I found Mr. Steinberg dependable, conscientious, hard-working and paid close attention to details. He is courteous and responsible and has my highest recommendation.

Wil Weisenfelder, Partner – Rendigs, Fry Kiely & Dennis – Cincinnati, Ohio law firm

I retained Bob Steinberg in 2013 as an expert witness for the defense in an attorney fee application arising under 42 USC 1988. I selected Bob not only because of his years of experience in reviewing fee applications as a Federal Magistrate Judge but also because of his years of experience as a private practitioner submitting fee applications on behalf of plaintiffs.
Bob thoroughly analyzed all of the issues and provided insight as to how best to counter plaintiffs’ arguments in support of their fee petition. He was available to meet in person as as to discuss issues over the phone. I was extremely impressed with the thorough report he prepared supported by numerous exhibits.
In this case, Bob was called to testify at a hearing and express his opinions on various issues related to the fee application. He was an extremely credible and knowledgeable witness.
I would retain Bob again and certainly would recommend him to others.

Ryan McClane – Dressman Benzinger LaVelle, Northern Kentucky Law Firm

Bob Steinberg’s knowledge, experience, and committed approach make him a highly effective mediator. He works thoroughly to develop a strong command of the facts and issues and applies his refined skills to the case with poise and insight. As a result, Bob is able to educate both counsel and their clients on the value of resolving the dispute in a matter-of-fact and compelling manner. A trusted colleague recommended Bob Steinberg to me for a difficult mediation, which Bob resolved, and I would confidently do the same.

Keith Stamper, Journeyman Machinist, 2013 Labor/Management Dispute

Robert Steinberg:

I would like to thank you for your legal representation and the time you devoted for me and my family. I was well advised by your knowledge of the legal system and your arranging a prompt settlement for my legal issues. Most of all I appreciate your promptness in getting in touch with me when I had questions or concerns.

Steve Olden, Esq. – Cincinnati, Ohio area law practice

Robert Steinberg is unmatched as an expert witness on attorney fees. I retained Bob in early 2013 to support my attorney fees application in federal court. He was thoroughly knowledgeable in the area, as well as prompt and efficient in his work. The supporting affidavit I received from him addressed both the hours I was billing for and the hourly rate I was claiming. Additionally, it included his own qualifications, which any judge and opposing party would find exceptional. Bob’s experience as a judge who has ruled on hundreds of attorney fee petitions in federal court, as well as his work representing the government and private parties, gives him an unmatched perspective. I recommend Bob to anyone looking for a truly excellent attorney fees expert witness.

Marc Mezibov, Esq., Cincinnati, Ohio area attorney

Bob Steinberg’s experience as a federal magistrate combined with his extensive litigation background in both state and federal courts make him uniquely qualified to serve as an expert witness for attorneys seeking to either support or challenge attorney fee award applications. I have found that Mr. Steinberg’s opinion on the value of the services our office performed to have been extremely influential in our ability to justify our motions for an award of attorney fees. I unqualifiedly recommend Mr. Steinberg for these purposes.

James K. L. Lawrence, Senior Attorney, Frost Brown Todd LLC, regional law firm

Robert Steinberg brings practical skills to the mediation honed over years of experience in dispute resolution. He demonstrates an ability both to create useful options to resolve the matter by satisfying the interests of the disputing parties and to facilitate the parties in making a reality check whether a fair settlement is preferable the litigation alternative. The consummate neutral, he is a gentle, but effective persuader.

Rachel Rowe, Executive Partner, Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL, Cincinnati, Ohio area law firm

Bob Steinberg is one of the best mediators in this region.  He comes to the table thoroughly prepared, and he effectively helps all parties to a dispute understand why and how a mediated settlement makes sense.  Over the years, Bob helped me resolve some of the most contentious and sensitive cases that I’ve handled, and did so in a way that my clients understood and appreciated.  I enthusiastically recommend him and would be happy to talk with anyone who is considering engaging him in this role.

Kyle DeJong, Litigation Counsel, AON Corporation, Chicago, Illinois

We retained Bob as local counsel on a professional liability claim.  Bob’s knowledge of the Ohio judiciary and judicial system was invaluable in devising litigation strategy.  Bob also demonstrated superior legal analysis and skills in developing and successfully arguing our motion to dismiss.  Through Bob’s counsel, we were able to prevail in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner – the type of outcome desired by every client.