Settlement Administration

Bob Steinberg is experienced in the administration of settlement funds involving a single plaintiff and multiple plaintiffs, including class actions.  He can serve as a neutral claims administrator/evaluator or as a trustee of settlement funds.  He is experienced in developing the protocol and criteria for evaluating claims and for distributing settlement proceeds.

He has developed settlement plans, drafted bank escrow and trust agreements for deposit and distribution of settlement funds, prepared detailed settlement claims procedures, settlement claims forms and settlement awards documentation. He can provide periodic reporting to the court as required.  He has established credibility in state and federal courts, and his reports are readily adopted by the courts. He has also retained, supervised and monitored relationships with independent auditors, valuation professionals, tax specialists and economists.  Mr. Steinberg also has access to experienced staff to deal with insurers and with Medicare subrogation issues.  He is experienced at shepherding the settlement through the legal system and assuring its implementation.

Mr. Steinberg is able to provide these services at reasonable rates without significantly diminishing the settlement fund.  He will do so in a thorough, yet expeditious fashion, completing the settlement distribution in an efficient and prompt manner.