Expert Witness Services

During his 18-year term as U.S. Magistrate Judge, Judge Steinberg was assigned numerous cases that required the evaluation of attorney’s fee award claims.  During the following 18 years in private practice, he has been retained numerous times by the plaintiff and by the defense to provide an expert opinion on the value of attorneys’ services in specific cases. As a result of thorough research he completed in those cases, he is familiar with the reasonable rates charged by attorneys of varying degrees of experience for various types of cases.  He has evaluated which types of legal work qualify for reimbursement and the reasonable amount of time needed to perform such tasks.  He has been able to examine an attorney’s case files and verify that the time spent by the attorney on the litigation was reasonable. His expert qualifications have always been accepted, and the Courts have adopted his opinions.

Mr. Steinberg is available to provide an expert opinion or to consult with a party on the appropriate court submission.