Expert Witness Service Clients

I retained Bob Steinberg as an expert witness for the defense in an attorney fee application arising under 42 UCS 1988. I selected Bob not only because of his years of experience in reviewing fee applications as a Federal Magistrate Judge, but also because of his years of experience as a private practitioner submitting fee applications on behalf of plaintiffs. Bob thoroughly analyzed all of the issues and provided insight as to how best to counter plaintiffs’ arguments in support of their fee petition. He was available to meet in person as well as to discus issues over the phone. I was extremely impressed with the thorough report he prepared supported by numerous exhibits. In this case, Bob was called upon to testify at a hearing and express his opinions on various issues related to the fee application. He was an extremely credible and knowledgeable witness. I would retain Bob again and certainly would recommend him to others.

Wilson G. Weisenfelder, Partner/Rendigs, Fry, Kiely and Dennis, Cincinnati, Ohio area law firm   

As a judge, Bob Steinberg was instrumental in mediating numerous thorny issues that arose during the course of a lawsuit I was involved with against several governmental defendants. He was extremely effective because all the parties and their attorneys trusted him and saw him as a quick learner who understood their own concerns (beyond just the litigation). As a mediator today, Bob brings those same skills and more to any problem he is given. I retained Bob as an expert witness and was thoroughly impressed with his expertise and knowledge." Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Steve Olden, Cincinnati, Ohio area attorney   

Bob Steinberg’s experience as a federal Magistrate Judge, combined with his extensive litigation background in both state and federal courts, make him uniquely qualified to serve as an expert witness for attorneys seeking to either support or challenge attorney fee award applications. I have found that Mr. Steinberg’s opinion on the value of the services our office performed to have been extremely influential in our ability to justify our motions for an award of attorney fees. I unqualifiedly recommend Mr. Steinberg for these purposes.

Marc Mezibov, The Law Office Of Marc Mezibov, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio area law firm   

I asked Bob Steinberg to act as an expert witness on attorney’s fee issues following a successful jury trial in the Eastern District of Kentucky in Covington. Bob thoroughly reviewed my work product, researched hourly rates of other attorneys in the area, and drafted a comprehensive affidavit helping to justify my hourly rate. Significantly, he also was able to provide me with research and practical suggestions for my fee application. Bob made the process of applying for attorney’s fees much easier. I highly recommend his services.

Lynn Pundzak, Esq., Sole Practitioner Cincinnati, Ohio